Category: Hospital

Typical Applications

  • Our Pneumatic Tube Systems which operate on the vacuum concept are used extensively by government and private hospitals, highway concessionaires, hypermarkets, commercial banks and showrooms, for a wide range of small transferred material.


Transferred Items

  • Items commonly delivered include patient samples,     x-rays, medicine, documents, small parts, cash notes and coins etc. – Your operations determine its limits.


In Healthcare segment, our systems remain at the forefront of Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) application in both Government and private hospitals, distinctly characterized by the following:

  • Heavy daily traffic i.e. high system dependability and strong end-user confidence level

  • Blood/tissue specimens, prescriptions, medical reports, x-rays, blood bags etc. are transferred daily without fail, ensuring fluidity in operational flow hence improving overall efficiency 

  • System durability through years of operation i.e. a testament of quality and of its continuing service/benefit after the initial investment period

  • The most comprehensiveafter sales support available with industry-leading nationwide coverage.


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