Next largest in size, the Eubanks Model 7400 is a rugged, versatile machine. Like the Model 8000, it is capable of producing extremely long strip lengths. If you are cutting a cable to 12-foot lengths and want to strip 12 inches of insulation from one end and 20 inches from the other, simply key in those strip lengths and the 7400 will oblige. It can produce a maximum strip length of 20″ x 20″ (500mm x 500mm).

The 7400 can be programmed to do step-stripping, batch counting and center-stripping. The Model 7400 uses the same Eubanks blades as the Model 4900, and it uses a cassette loading tool to insert the blades. Blade change is done in seconds without the need of calibration.  The 7400 differs from the 8000 in the maximum wire and cable sizes it will handle. The 7400 will cut and strip wire up to 8 AWG (8.6mm2) and multi-conductor and flat cable up to 5/16″ (8mm) wide.

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